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Sunday, January 4, 2009

This Week's Menu Plan

This past week was pretty good. My ultimate goal is to get weekly shopping to $60. We went over a bit this week as I was taking advantage of some stockups, but should be back on target next week. I do not include my paper goods and toiletries in this price as some women do, but I do include our Schwan's purchases, which generally occur every 2 weeks. We don't purchase a lot through there, but some of the few convenience foods I do purchase I get through Schwan's because I really like their quality. And I LOVE their ice cream, especially the ice cream sandwiches. So it's one of our splurges, but I do make it work in the overall plan. And honestly, we typically only eat out about once a month, so it's nice to have some things to keep the menu interesting.

Since I was sick last weekend, I didn't get all of the breakfast stock up projects done that I wanted to, but I did get the breakfast wraps and the pancakes done. This week I hope to get to the granola bars and the muffins. We also need make another big batch of peanut butter, but that requires a trip to Sam's for the giant cans of peanuts. That probably won't happen for another couple of weeks.

Here's the menu plan. I have our dinners under $30 this week!

1/5 Monday
mini meatloaves (recipe w/out the cheese)$3.00
rosemary roasted potatoes .50
spinach salad with apple cider vinaigrette .75

1/6 Tuesday
Skillet nachos w/ chicken $2.50
Salad .50 ( I caught a GREAT sale on bag salad this week--65 cents per bag)

1/7 Wednesday
pan fried turkey croquettes (using frozen leftover turkey) .75
mashed potatoes and gravy 1.50
corn .40

1/8 Thursday
spaghetti w/ meatballs $2.60 canned sauce from garden, .50 spaghetti, 1.70 frozen meatballs, .40 cheese
salad .50

1/9 Friday
cheesy ham and potato casserole $2.40 (will post this recipe after I make it)
toast w/ butter and jelly .35
fruit cocktail .85

1/10 Saturday
roast chicken 4.00
stuffing made with leftover frozen stock .80
glazed carrots .50

1/11 Sunday
shepherd’s pie 3.00
spinach salad .75 (scaled back version of this for the family. recipe makes a ton)
bread and butter .30

Catch 100's more menu plans and see what other people eat every day (a fascinating topic I think LOL) at http://orgjunkie.com/ Menu Plan Monday rocks!


Krisi and Adam said...

Looks so good! May try one of the things this week - we have an open day still.

As for freezing cheese you need to freeze it shredded - the chunks don't freeze well and just crumble later. I buy the big bag of motzerella at Costco and freeze into smaller portions. It then lasts us about 6-8 months.

Rona's Home Page said...

I noticed that my husband is a terrific grocery shopper. He saves us money on his bi-weekly shopping visits.
I enjoy creating the menu plan. And our teen is the primary cook at home.
I love that we work together to save money and provide healthy and delicious meals.

The FD said...

The turkey croquettes sound delicious, as do the skillet nachos!

Anonymous said...

Yummy menu! The turkey croquettes look great. My mom used to make chicken croquettes when I was a kid.

Menu Maker Mom said...

Hi there!

I would love to know how you make the peanut butter! Are you going to post the recipe?

Also, I've got a great recipe for Almost Famous Chicken Patties at my site. You might like those, as they are similar to the croquets.

Leslie, aka The Menu Maker Mom