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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Menu Plan Week of Jan.12th

This week I am challenging myself---I guess it's like a pantry challenge. I'm calling it my Cheapie Challenge. I want to see just how lean I can get the dollar total for the week. It's been a process in our house over the years. Hubby never really enjoyed casseroles or skillet meals. He always wanted a meat entree, with sides. The kids helped with the evolution, and I have brought him along pretty far. We eat a lot of casseroles, skillet meals, things like that. But just how far can I go? We'll find out this week. This week's dinner plan scrapes in just under $20.

1/12 Monday
alphabet chicken soup using leftover chicken & stock from Saturday's frame $.80
pasta .50, onion .10, carrot .10, celery .10, chicken and stock (chicken in freezer, stock in fridge)
pizza melts .75 (2 English muffins .20, tomato sauce .05, Italian seasoning, mozzarella .50)

1/13 Tuesday
sauerkraut sausage and potato pot (leftover potatoes and sauerkraut from one meal, leftover brats from another, mix and heat through!) .00
salad .50
green beans .40
fish sticks for boys .50 (only because I'm not sure how the main dish will go over)

1/14 Wednesday
black bean, corn and cheese nachos $2.30 ( beans .25, onion .10, chips .50, cheese .75, sour cream, .15, salsa, .15)
orange slices .40

1/15 Thursday
breakfast for dinner
scrambled eggs $.50
sausage gravy with drop biscuits $1.50 (sausage .60, biscuits .40, gravy .50)
hashbrowns .75

1/16 Friday
chicken fried rice (chicken, brown rice .25, egg .15, onion .15 , carrot .15, mixed frozen veggies .50, sesame oil .20, soy sauce .05, sherry .10) $1.55
pineapple .85

1/17 Saturday
chili $2.50(beef $1.60, beans .75, onion .15, tomatoes (home canned), seasoning)
sour cream and cheese for topping .75
cornbread in freezer

1/18 Sunday
pot roast and veggies 10.00 (potatoes, carrots, onions, chili sauce, beer)
fruit cocktail .85
$5.85 (2 meals—will freeze ½ for another meal)


Brooke said...

wow! i'm impressed.

my hubs didn't like casseroles or skillet meals either - but since he likes to eat and hates to cook he's learned to eat (and like) whatever i fix.