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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Better Deli Lunch Meat At Better Prices

Several years ago in St. Louis, my husband and I got completely spoiled with Straub's grocery stores. Very high end stores that didn't carry much in the way of pantry stuff, but excelled in their produce section, bakery, meat dept. and deli. We were way out of our league in that store, but we still enjoyed occasional trips for little indulgences. Best strawberries you ever tasted, and the size of my fist. Prime meats. Seriously. Baked goods out of this world. And the deli---ah, yes. Fully prepared gourmet meals. Fabulous salads. And the day that ruined me for the rest of my life---when we ordered a pound of roast beef, and they reached into the cabinet, pulled out an UNPROCESSED, FRESH sirloin roast that they had seasoned, cooked to medium rare perfection, and then sliced wafer thin.

Trust me when I tell you that I've never been satisfied with deli roast beef after that. Tastes processed. Chemically. Rubbery. And they want like 7 bucks a pound for that junk? No way!

So a few years ago we asked our family for a slicer for Christmas. And now I go to the meat counter and pick up either a nice sirloin roast or top round roast when they go on sale. We're currently eating off of a 10lb. sirloin roast I got for $2.49/lb. I baked it, and then we cut it into portions. One we sliced and put in the fridge, the rest we vaccuum sealed and put in the freezer. Then we just pull out a piece at a time as we need it. I also buy hams and slice them this way for far cheaper than deli prices. I even discovered that if you want processed turkey, you can buy it at Sam's for a steal and then slice it yourself. Me? I prefer waiting for a killer sale on turkey breast, then I season, roast, and throw it on the slicer. Heaven.

Gourmet, shi-shi, high-end food. Healthy. On a budget. Works for me!!!


Monica said...

Brilliant! What kind of slicer to you have? I'm picturing a large piece of machinery here.

Blue Castle said...

Excellent idea! I need to find me a slicer. :)

Heather said...

I have always said that I plan to do this one day when I have a bigger kitchen. My aunt, who owns a small country store, spoiled me with this when I was a kid.

Ice House said...

Something to REALLY think about. With a family of 6 this could REALLY be a money saver in the next few years. Think I'll keep my eye out for a slicer. Great tip.