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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Easy Way to Control Portions

You hear it all the time. You can't "diet". You have to change habits and make it a part of your lifestyle. Sometimes it's the simplest things. Here's one that has really worked for us. See the plate on the right? That's the biggest plate size in my set, and we just used it by default. See the one on the left? That's the "salad size" plate.

We always served food on the biggest plate because, you know, the box called it the dinner plate, so I guess you eat dinner on the dinner plate, right? This summer, I decided that if I wanted to eat less, it might make sense to have a smaller plate to put it on. So we moved to the smaller plate size.

If you'll notice, it's not so small that we are getting tiny portions, but it does help us restrict what we can eat in one sitting. And, the plate looks full, which makes a big impact when I sit down and look at my food. I have a full plate, so I don't feel deprived. Hubby has lost 40lbs since summer just with a smaller plate! Amazing.
So are you eating off the huge plate, or can you downsize? Downsizing your plate could help downsize your pants, and this is a habit that is easy to live with!