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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meal Plan Week of 1/25

We kept to last week's plan perfectly until Saturday when the water heater went out and my goal was to not have to wash dishes. We're back up and running, but I didn't take out the roast to thaw out just in case. So tonight we're having Crockpot Garlic Lemon Chicken.

Today I was catching up on breakfast stockup items and we now have pancakes, lemon poppy seed muffins, breakfast wraps and english muffin breakfast sandwiches ready for quick grab and heat in the freezer.Here's the rest of the week:

1/26 Monday
Chicken enchiladas in freezer $3.00
Pinto beans (beans .20, onion .l0, broth .00, bacon .20) .50
apple sauce .40
1/27 Tuesday
meatloaf in freezer $2.50
asparagus 1.00
alfredo noodles .75
1/28 Wednesday
chicken and pierogies with onions and peppers $4.00
broccoli .40
1/29 Thursday
pork chops $3.50
stuffing .75
green bean casserole $1.50
1/30 Friday- $16.00 to support the PTO
pancake man at school
1/31 Saturday
cheeseburger macaroni (mac .50, beef .75, , cheese, 1.00, milk .25) 2.50
corn .90
2/1 Sunday
super bowl
hot dogs and fries for boys $2.50

The dinner meal plan works out to about $40.00, and this includes Friday night's PTO benefit at school. We wouldn't miss the Pancake Man for anything. He's pretty much an Omaha institution and you pay as much for the entertainment as you do the food. I will take pictures to post later in the week.

Check out Laura and the gang at http://orgjunkie.com for more Menu Plan Monday!


Carey said...

Great menu! I love, love, love pierogies!