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Monday, January 26, 2009

I didn't take any pictures today,

But I think I'm starting to get the hang of this coupon thing. I stopped at Baker's to take one last round at the Mega Event. All starting prices are the Mega Event price, figuring in the $5 off. Here's how I did:

Dark Chocolate Chex Mix- $1.69, .50/1 MF, .60/1 cfire= .59
Steam Fresh Broc & Cheese- $1.00, .50/1 MF, .50/1 scuts= FREE
Steam Fresh Broc & Cheese-$1.00, .50/1 MF= .50
2 Wheat Thins @ $1.89/ea, $2/2 MF= .89 each
4 Coffee Mate FF Vanilla Creamers @ $2.49/ea, 1.50/1 FF= .99 each
Fiber One Bars @ $2.09, .50/1 MF, .50/1 scuts= $1.09
5lb. bag of Russet potatoes @ $1.49

Total vendor coupon savings= $17.60
Total store savings=$9.16
Total savings= $26.76
OOP= $8.41 (a 76% savings!)

Plus I snagged 2 of the .75 Kraft cheese coupons from the feeder in the dairy dept. and will use those at another store that is having the $1.49 sale this week, without the 10 item requirement.



JodieMo said...

I don't know what Baker's is but I wish there was one around here. Nice job.

Michelle said...

It's a Kroger. Different name. Pretty much the same store

Kristen said...

Yeah you! I'm going to Kroger today for the 3rd time this sale. I've found a lot of coupons to go along with the deals and it's hard to pass up free and basically free food.

One thing to keep in mind is that the good sales with many, many matching coupons come far between a lot of the time, so it's good to stock when you can to get through the slow weeks.

Ashley said...

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