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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Okay Walgreens Overachievers...

Don't laugh at me. But I made my first attempt at Walgreens today. Found the Colgate sale for $2.99 with the $2RR. In the ad it said "like paying .99! I read that and immediately thought, "nope, I have $1 coupon, so that's like FREE!" So yes, I walked into Walgreens and bought toothpaste. LOL. I have my Easy Saver catalog now and I'll be watching you wonderful talented bargain shoppers. But I have a free toothpaste. I'm a loser. LOL ;)


Kristen said...

I was SOOOO scared the first time I went to CVS. I had everything written down in a notebook so I would know exactly how much I was supposed to spend, what coupons to use etc. I still messed up. BUT I caught the mistake that night, which was a Cover Girl blush that wasn't part of the BOGO sale, so I went back, swapped product and got my refund.

I wish I had started out with one toothpaste, but I had a list of like 5 or 6 things in large quanities at that. One item would have been easier.

Good for you and Congrats on starting the world of drug store shopping!