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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saving Money With Less Waste

We started this habit back when Ry was a baby, and it was so convenient, we kept it with K and still do it now. Back in the day of baby spit ups, we ditched the cloth diapers for white hand towels that we could bleach. Baby washcloths that cost as much as a regular washcloth? Nope. We just bought several big packages of bulk washcloths at Sams. We keep stashes of these towels all over the house. Kitchen, bathrooms, garage, bedrooms. They come in handy for spill cleanup, pet accidents, dusting, general cleaning, you name it. We use fewer paper towels, and we've had these for years!

We stocked up at Sam's with both of these. It takes about 1 load of laundry every couple weeks to wash the the blue, and same with the white. It's also one of the boys' chores---fold the towels!


Menu Maker Mom said...

We did the same thing when my twin daughters were babies, and I still keep a stash of white washcloths in the kitchen even though they're now 12 year old!

Have a great weekend!

Menu Maker Mom ^i^