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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aldi Trip today

And I'm completely on budget! $28.51 at Aldi- not too shabby. Here's what I got:

3 brown and serve sausage boxes @.89 each ( I need to just start buying regular sausage links, cooking them and then freezing them into baggies for breakfasts for the boys-I'm sure it would be cheaper and better quality. Next time)
bag of navel oranges 1.69
roma tomatoes 1.69
saltines .89
red onions 1.29
applesauce cups .99
eggs .99
onion rings (splurge, but yum) 1.89
choc. chips 1.49
fresh spinach 1.49
spaghetti 1.69
2 fat-free vanilla creamers for coffee @1.95 each
white onions 1.29
2 skim milks @ 1.99 each
1lb. baby carrots .69
sour cream .89
margarine .99
Total= 28.51

We have a Schwan's order this week for $31, and that at this point should keep me under $60 for the week. (as long as I don't cave and ask for a box of ice cream sandwiches while the Schwan's man is here!) I really don't anticipate any other trips to the store for the week. Besides, I'm really trying to use my stockups and my frozen leftovers this week to see just how low I can get the weekly dinner meal plan in at.

How do these prices compare for you where you are? Are you an Aldi shopper? Always curious to see the price differences around the country.


Phoebe said...

Most of our Aldi prices are the same...your milk is hella cheap! And, if your talking spaghetti noodles..ours are cheaper ($1.29 I think).

Love your menu by the way..and totally love that you crunch your numbers on dinners, too! :)