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Friday, January 23, 2009

Wow-that was fun

Today I took all my coupons and took advantage of the sales. First stop was Bakers, which is a Krogers in disguise, although they don't do double coupons here. Nobody does. Oh well. No tax on food, though, so that helps. Here was my take:

10 cans of Rotel tomatoes
1 Velveeta Cheese
3 Coffee Mate Fat Free Vanilla Creamers
4 Kraft 16 slice singles
2 packages of Kraft Mozzarella 8oz
2 packages of Philadelphia Reduced Fat Cream Cheese
1 16oz. Daisy Light Sour Cream
2 jars of Pace salsa
2 boxes Orville Redenbacher popcorn
1 box Fiber One bars
1 box Nature Valley granola bars
1 box Wheat Thins
1 Kraft Light Mayonnaise

I got $15 off with the $5 Mega sale, another $9.25 in manufacturers' coupons, and $18.68 in discounts and shortcuts coupons from my Bakers card. So my grand total in savings was $42.93, and for all of the above I paid $34.39. When the checker handed me the receipt, she started to tell me what I saved, and then stopped, and let out a big "wow". That made me smile.

Next stop was Hy-Vee. I was there earlier in the week for chicken leg quarters (10lbs. for $3.90) and a few other things, but I had wanted to go back and get more Skippy peanut butter with my coupon while they were dirt cheap, and I found another coupon for the butter.

3 boxes of Kleenex @ .88/box
1 Steamfresh broccoli @ .88- .35 coupon= .53
2 Skippy PBs @ .99 each- .75 coupon
1lb. unsalted butter w/ 1.10 off coupon= $1.28
Hy-Vee total- $5.86
Today's Grand total- $40.25!
I have seen some very talented, thrifty women who could probably have shaved even more off of that, but as I'm still really new in the coupon world, I feel pretty good! Yay me LOL.


Phoebe said...

That is a good score! Don't you just love when the cashier is amazed by your savings?!

Michelle said...

Oh heck yeah! That could get addictive, I think LOL

Kristen said...

Great shopping trip!

I'm so excited that you found my blog. I love to see other working moms who find time to do all of this couponing/deal seeking stuff too!

Michelle said...

Thankfully, the SAHM moms make us really nice cheat sheets! :) Glad to find another blogging Mom that works and does all of this too!