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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 7/6

We stuck to main dishes last week, but I did switch up a couple of sides with fresh produce, so you might see a repeat or two here that we didn't do. This 7 dinners for 4, and clocks in at almost exactly $30.

Monday 7/6

White wine and herb pork chops $2.00

(marinated in free Weber mix I got w/ coupon awhile back)

Baked sweet potato with butter and cinnamon .60

Green beans w/ bacon 1.30


Tuesday 7/7

Pan Fried Pierogies with chicken and cheese $3.50

mediterranean salad with garbanzos, tomatoes and cucumbers $1.00


Wednesday 7/8

Tacos $3.35

(with ground beef from my co-worker's cow--super duper lean meat)

black refried beans .75

Corn on the cob .40


Thursday 7/9

Panfried chicken breasts with gravy $2.50

Mashed potatoes .75

Green beans .40


Friday 7/10

Cheese ravioli with marinara and parmesan $3.50

Salad $1.00


Saturday 7/11

Cheeseburgers $3.50

Green bean fries $1.50

Pasta salad $1.00


Sunday 7/12

Chicken tostadas with salsa verde and pintos $2.50

Corn and tomato salad .60

Pineapple .65



Victoria said...

Sounds great!

Kitchen Stewardship said...

I did analyze your meal plan last week here: http://www.kitchenstewardship.com/2009/07/09/bean-and-veggie-meal-plan-analysis-no-4/ Sorry I didn't comment at the time; I thought you'd see it via trackback! Enjoy!