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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To Do Tuesday

Whew! I pretty much get overwhelmed each week with everything that needs to get done. Working 12-13 hour days can do that to you I guess, huh? So I'm going to try to keep myself on track by posting my biggest goals for the week online. This week I have a few things in that are "take care of me" things. Very overdue and very important. The stress has definitely been affecting me, so I need to slow down and take care of me, too :) Fortunately hubby does a good chunk of the household chores. That makes life so much easier.


  1. pick up prescription, mustard seeds and more apple cider vinegar
  2. hot stone massage (thanks, hubby!)
  3. dinner
  4. spend 15 minutes in garden weeding and checking on veggies


  1. go through grocery ads and make my list for the week
  2. get book on Amazon that was recommended
  3. schedule R's doctor appt.
  4. schedule K's 4yo well child visit
  5. get a pedicure
  6. 10 minutes in garden


  1. start any shopping I laid out on Wednesday
  2. start laying out house rules and chores for R
  3. inventory all canning supplies, make a list of any needed items
  4. 10 minutes in garden
  5. get K and R signed up for soccer and swim lessons


  1. any additional errands that still need to be finished
  2. start sorting laundry for weekend
  3. organize my weekend cooking/baking priorities
  4. 10 minutes in garde
  5. start pickles for canning


  1. spend 30 minutes in garden
  2. make pickles!
  3. workout at YMCA
  4. start menu plan
  5. start baking/cook ahead priorities
  6. organize bedroom drawers and closet


  1. finish menu plan
  2. go through Sunday ads and coupons
  3. clean out coupon organizer
  4. take boys to pool
  5. finish baking/cook ahead tasks
  6. spend 30 minutes in garden

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Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Aha, found you!!! Your link wasn't complete on my MckLinky on the post!! :)

So glad you joined us for To Do Tuesday, how'd you do this week!? :) Ready for another go at it?

Michelle said...

what? me? make a technical error? bwah hahahaha! Let's do it again!!