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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bakers Bargain Meal of the Week 7/2

For this week, you have a couple of options-

Meal #1-

Sloppy Josephines- Manwich is .70 this week with the Mega sale. Buns are $1.38. 1lb. of ground turkey is $1.59. If you want to add cheese, Kraft singles are $1.47 this week- add .40= $4.07
cantaloupe slices- $1.67, use half= .84
corn on the cob 4/$1= $1

Tip for Sloppy Joes/Josephines- I find these to be a great food to use for "stealth" vegetable supply to my kids. Start with a small amount, like 1/4 cup of cooked, mashed carrots, or sweet potato, stirred in to the entire dish. I've been able to build that amount up and they don't even notice. The cheese melted over the top acts as good camouflage as well. :)

Total for this meal is $5.91

Meal #2-

Grilled BBQ Chicken Leg Quarters- .55/lb for a 10lb. bag.- use 2-3lbs.= $1.65
Kraft BBQ sauce= .69 w/ the Mega sale (there are coupons that would make this free)
Corn on the cob= 4/$1
tomato slices @ $1.49/lb. use 1/2 lb.= .75
fresh sliced strawberries= $1.88

Total for this meal is $5.97 or less