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Sunday, July 19, 2009

My attempt at blueberry fritters

A huge thanks to Kate at Cooking During Stolen Moments for the yummy recipe she posted for Blueberry Fritters. I think we've been in the same situation as Kate---in blueberry overdrive---so I've been freezing the blueberries and finding ways to use them. Today for breakfast I took a shot at the fritters. I did deviate just slightly from the recipe by using a simple milk and powdered sugar icing (with a couple drops of lemon juice) instead of just sprinkling with powdered sugar.
I give this recipe big thumbs up! The only caution I would give is to just cook one as your test fritter first to make sure you have the temperature right. What I thought was medium on my stove appears to be medium-high...and my first couple of fritters weren't done on the inside.

Thanks Kate, for a recipe that I think will not only be used again, but I think could be very versatile---we'll have to substitute apples and add some cinnamon come fall!


Kate said...

Michelle, I'm so glad you liked the fritters! You're right about them being versatile. I've already been thinking of other things to add to them. I love the idea of having them with a glaze too.

And by the way, I had the same problem with my first few. It took a couple of tries to get the temperature right so that the insides cooked all the way. You did better than I did. I think I had to throw 4 away before I finally got it right. :)

Michelle said...

Oh good...you're such a great cook and your food always looks so yummy...nice to know that you have a couple of "bombs" from time to time too....I feel better now! :)