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Monday, July 20, 2009

Olive Oil

Two interesting tidbits I've run across about olive oil from 2 different sources on the same day, and thought I'd share.
  • From this month's SELF magazine, a blurb from the Journal of Food Science. After olive oil has been stored for 6 months, its antioxidants are 40% less effective at fighting cell-damaing free radicals. They suggest buying small bottles and storing in a cool place. I got the cool place part right, but I've been buying big ole bottles of oil from Sam's because I save so much more money that way. Darn.

  • A study out today finds that some cheaper brands of olive oil, including Aldi, beat out name brands when it came to aroma, taste, complexity and balance, as rated by a panel of experts. You can read that story here.