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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Activity ideas?

This is my lil guy, Big K. He's turning 4 on Sunday. With his brother, we just did family celebrations for his birthday until he turned 5. Then we started an every-other-year big party tradition. That means he's having another one for his 7th birthday in September. I want to be fair and have the same rule for K. But I also realize that at 4, he's going to be very cognizant of what we're doing for his brother. So I've decided to have the kids on the block over on Sunday for a "cake and ice cream social". Nothing fancy, not gift driven, just a gathering of the kids outside for some play time together...plus that means less leftover cake for my thighs :)

So, I'm looking for ideas for making this a super duper "playdate" rather than a party. I was thinking maybe water balloons, or the inflatable water slide. Any suggestions on some play activities? This little guy says "thanks" :)


cheapbychoice said...

Water guns and water balloons are always fun. You could always do an egg toss or relay with egg on a spoon. Have fun!!!

Janelle said...

Contact your local fire dept. We called them about a party here last summer. As long as there are no fire calls, here they send out a truck and let the kids see everything, and they opened up a hydrant and let the kids play in it for about 15 minutes - it was AWESOME!!!!!! My kids still talk about it! We invited them to have some food and they stayed and socialized for awhile. It was so wonderful! I hope you can arrange something like that - what a highlight for the kids!!

Jerry said...

We had a birthday party for our daughter recently and the biggest activity for the kids (and this did lead to some surprise) was... popping balloons! I would have never thought that a bunch of balloons would offer any insurance that everyone was having a good time, but it went on for about 45 minutes. At that point, we were out of balloons. =)