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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To Do Tuesday 7/28

I actually got most of what was on my list done. Except for get a pedicure. I know, right? SLACKER.

So, here's what I have on tap for this week-

  1. dinner
  2. bath for boys
  3. face mask
  4. go through end of month coupons and get organized
  5. do something with the 6lbs. of Strawberries I bought yesterday
  6. pack R's lunch for camp tomorrow
  7. go to bed early
  1. Longer day at work
  2. time in garden
  3. thank you cards. must do thank you cards
  4. grocery store runs, as necessary based on ads and coupons
  5. deep condition my hair
  1. parents day at R's camp
  2. hit the gym
  3. time in garden
  4. any other grocery hits or other errands
  1. Relax with the family. It's Friday! Have a martini, will ya?
  1. weeding time in garden. hope I have lots of tomatoes by this weekend.
  2. work on dining room table until I can actually see it again. novel concept.
  3. clean K's room and go through his closet
  4. hit the gym
  5. time with hubby
  1. special breakfast for boys
  2. park trip with boys and dog
  3. more fish for tank
  4. start organazing stockpile shelves
  5. menu plan for week
  6. get clothes laid out


shopannies said...

sounds like a busy week but super organized

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

You are totally not a slacker, look at you kickin' butt!! Way to go!! Ready for another butt-kicking week??? :)