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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canning pickles?

I've been canning for a few years now, and seem to make new strides every year. Last year I embarked into the last of tomato and spaghetti sauce, which was awesome. This year, I'm growing pickling cucumbers for canning. Big K and I are the big pickle eaters in the house, loving all varieties....hubby likes sweet, not dill. To be most accommodating to the masses, then, sweet pickles are probably what we'll do, but I'm open to dill as well.

Have a recipe you can share? Looking for some tried and true great recipes! Thanks!


Jerry said...

My daughter LOVES dill pickles (and so do I) but we are living overseas and can't seem to find REAL dill pickles. They are all semi-sweet, which leads me to not want any at all. If you get a good recipe, let us know! I could use some insurance for some really good dill pickles... my mouth is watering as I even think about it!

Michelle said...

I will certainly post once I find one that I like. I wanted to do dill and sweet pickles, but I'm getting a little overwhelmed by the amount of labor that seems to go into sweet pickles. We'll see!