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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekly Shopping Total

Great week! No pictures, as it was so crazy this week I had to do my shopping in small bursts across the week. Lunch here, before work there. Wherever I had a few minutes.

Aldi was my first stop this week for 3 gallons of milk, eggs and lots of produce, along with some fresh mozzarella. The total was $16.39

Next was Hy-Vee. Grabbed 4 Ragu sauces for .69 cents each after coupons. Some pasta, applesauce, 4 bags of shredded cheese at .99 each and various other things for a grand total of $11.72.

Last stop was No Frills. Couple bags of pretzels, 2 packages of sandwich rolls, fiber plus bars, and ziploc bags for $8.98.

Also had 1 Walgreens trip- can't find the receipt. $9.27 for the total, and I got $8 back in RR.

Total spending for the week: $46.36. Hurrah!


Janelle said...

Okay, how'd you get FOUR Ragu?? Two trips? It's limit two! No fair!!! lol

I got my two, but then I got TWELVE bags of the cheese. My freezers are so packed right now it's almost scary! I also picked up 3 slabs of baby back ribs on sale at Aldi for about $5 each (marked down to $1.99/lb). Think I might have my mom over for ribs for Mother's Day.

Michelle said...

hmmm. no limit here! score! and I'm laughing about you and your 12 cheeses. Nice to know I'm not the only goober that does stuff like that :) LOL.