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Friday, May 22, 2009

Frugal Flops

Phoebe's topic over at Cents To Get Free made me chuckle over this week's Finding Freedom Friday. Uh, yeah, I've had some BIG frugal flops that have cost me money in the long run!

  • Assuming that a Sam's membership would save me money- It can actually do that. But only if you are breaking down prices, paying attention and knowing what is worth buying there. And that big gigantic tub of Miracle Whip isn't a deal if it goes bad and you have to throw it out. Or eat 5,000 cheese sandwiches to try to use it up, to the point that you never want a cheese sandwich again. LOL. We loved Sam's for smaller sized diapers and formula. I still have found them to be great for certain things, but we spend a LOT less money there now, and a LOT less money overall.
  • Buying the cheapest products- I've truly found to a certain degree that you "get what you pay for". Buying cheap appliances that break, cheap brands of skincare products that make my skin break out or generic versions of food that don't match up to my taste preferences aren't money savers in the long run. I still actually blush when I tell people I spent $400 on my blender. But I've owned it for 5 years, and I USE it all the time, including making my own peanut butter! In the long run I'm spending less because I'm not replacing it all the time, and it has the power and strength to help me make other things that will save me money. After spending $500 over 10 years on 3 vacuums, I found out my husband's grandma was still using her Kirby from the '50s. I read the reviews and found that they seem to still have that kind of staying power. So I spent $900 on a vacuum. Seems crazy. But I hope it's the last vacuum I'll buy!
  • Launching full bore into frugal things that aren't realistic or time wise for me. The reality is that I might be able to make an occasional loaf of bread or things like that. But I work 12 hours a day almost every day anymore, it seems. I'm not making bread on those days. And on the weekends, that is about the least appealing idea ever. Sara Lee is just gonna have to carry that chore for me.
The nice thing about these flops is that I've learned from them! And they make me smarter, or at least a little more savvy!