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Saturday, May 16, 2009

This week's meal plan has really turned into a bust

I moved a lot of stuff, substituted based on time and cravings---this week just didn't match up in schedule or taste. Oh well. Next week is another week.

Tonight, not on the meal plan, is the yummo sirloin steak I got at Fareway today, along with fresh asparagus and a Green Giant frozen medley of navy beans, yellow carrots and spinach in garlic sauce. I'll probably slice some apples up too. Easy, and won't make much of a mess, as we've been working outside on the garden all day and haven't had much of a chance to work inside.

Oh a side note, my garden is getting awfully close to resembling a garden! last year's roses have sprouted and even have little buds on them, and I added 3 more dry root roses to the row in front of the garden...all composted, given rose food and ready to be mulched.

My hydrangea is just starting to sprout on one side, and the rest of the garden is half tilled. Hopefully we'll get the rest done tomorrow. We're putting rabbit guard around most of the garden and then the water scare crows in the front. My hope is all of the rabbit guard will go up tomorrow as well. Then I can start laying in the stepping stones and all of our plants that have been growing so well in the basement and are bursting out of their containers!