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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Menu Plan Week of 6/1

We weren't exact in following this past week's menu plan. Weather got in the way of firing up the smoker when we wanted to, but now we have a ton of pork, ribs and chicken in the freezer to slowly use up. Check back later for recipes on the blue cheese dipping sauce, the orzo salad and the ranch chicken wraps.

5/31 Sunday

  • fresh blue cheese dipping sauce $1.50
  • corn on the cob $1.00

6/1 Monday

  • bbq pork sandwiches $2.00
  • potato wedges $.50
  • mango cubes $1.00


6/2 Tuesday

  • stuffed shells $3.50
  • salad $1.00
  • carrots .50


6/3 Wednesday

  • brats in brat buns $2.00
  • baked beans made in smoker $1.00
  • peaches .75
  • sliced tomatoes .50


6/4 Thursday

  • tacos $2.50
  • corn .50


6/5 Friday Circus night...easy early dinner

  • ranch chicken nugget wraps with lettuce and tomato $2.75
  • fries .50
  • green beans .50


6/6 Saturday

  • grilled pork chops $1.90
  • orzo salad $1.25
  • broccoli .50


6/7 Sunday

  • cheeseburgers $3.75
  • roasted potatoes .75



a49erfangirl said...

I love you how you plan this out every week. I have to sit down and start doing this again. Helps me make lists when I go shopping!

Michelle said...

I tried this a couple of times before it finally stuck...but now I'd be lost without my meal plan! I have the flexibility of moving things around, and I actually work out 2 weeks ahead- I just post one. But it's great! Thanks for stoppign by!

SonyaAnn said...

Tuesday looks good!

The Halton Mom said...

I'm glad you like my BBQ idea. I have a very easy recipe for pulled BBQ Chicken! Less fat and all the flavor. I'll have to post it sometime. Thanks for coming by my blog and posting!