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Friday, May 15, 2009

This Week's Shopping Totals

Well, I guess working 13 hour days has one perk---no time to shop!! :) I did send hubby to Hy-Vee yesterday, lil pumpkin followed my list to the T, no extra spending.

Today I made it to Bakers and Aldi.

Hy-Vee was for a lot of fresh produce: mushrooms, apples, kiwi, plus salad dressing, tomato soup and a 10lb. bag of potatoes. Total at Hy-Vee: $7.30

Bakers today included ham, cotto salami, 3 24oz blocks of cheese for $3 apiece ($1 per 8oz is a GREAT price), turkey hot dogs, bag salads, several bags of fries for .99 each, applesauce, and several other things for a total of $28.36 (I saved $25.78)

Last stop was Aldi, for 2 gallons of skim milk, 2 1lb. packages of asparagus for .99 each, 1 bag of frozen chicken nuggets, and a bag of fresh spinach. Total- $10.84

So the total for the week is $46.50. I may still hit Fareway on this week's budget for .69/dozen eggs, $1.99/lb bratwurst patties and a couple other goodies I want. Overall, though, I should still be well under my $60 mark. 2 weeks in a row for being way under. Sure helps to have freezers to stock up stuff with sales. Really makes it easy on weeks like this!