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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Looking forward to a peaceful shopping week

I am very unimpressed by what I see this week at Walgreens, Target, et al. What's great about couponing and stockpiling is that I don't have many immediate "needs" on a weekly basis any more. Fresh produce, eggs and milk. That's really it. I have a pantry and shelves downstairs full of pantry items that we use frequently. I have 2 refrigerators and 1 deep freeze to house the meats and other items I've purchased at great prices.

So for me, there's no urgent need to shop. While I do enjoy shopping, I don't view it like some do, as a "sport" or challenge. Don't get me wrong...I love love love finding great deals and playing the game. Today though, I feel very relieved, actually, that the only thing I need to do is pick up my milk, eggs and produce. I'll see what Wednesday's grocery ads bring. If there are deals worth getting, I'll be there. Otherwise, really looking forward to using that time for other things.

More time for the garden. Maybe I can even get lucky and do a page for my scrapbook!

Here's to a peaceful week.