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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Menu Plan Week of 5/4

After posting my plan this week, I had to come back and exclaim my excitement over the fact that the warm weather is starting to affect our weekly meals. More light meals like Monday's Chicken, Black Bean and Corn Tostadas (which is really just more like a light taco salad), with fresh guacamole. I also am excited about this year's first appearance of one of my favorites: tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella. I can't enjoy this without really good tomatoes, and short of the ones from my garden, this is the time of year where you can occasionally find some good ones in the stores. I love the warm weather and all of the future goodies that the warm weather promises!

This week's meals come in at right around $27.

5/4 Monday

grilled chicken, black bean and corn tostadas $2.90

(leftover grilled chicken from freezer .50, black beans .25, corn, .40, lettuce .15, tomatoes .30, onion .10, chips .50, cheese .50, sour cream .20)

guacamole $1.25 (2 avocados at .50 each, sour cream, lime juice .25, salt, pepper, dash of hot sauce, garlic pepper, cumin)


5/5 Tuesday

smoked sausage and cheese pierogies $3.65

(2 smoked brats .40, Schwann’s Pierogies $2.50, onion .25, cheese .50)

salad .75


5/6 Wednesday

Breakfast for Dinner Night!

bacon egg and cheese quesadillas $2.05

(4 tortillas .50, 4 eggs .30, bacon .75, cheese .50)

tater tots .75

bananas .50


5/7 Thursday

baked chicken drumsticks and thighs $1.50

cheesy potatoes .60

green beans .40


5/8 Friday

tacos $2.00

corn .50

pineapple .60


5/9 Saturday

grilled chicken 2.00

tomato, basil and mozzarella salad $1.75

cheesy broccoli .50


5/10 Sunday

Italian beef sandwiches $4.25

(1 lb rump roast $2, french onion soup mix .25, beer $1, rolls 1.00)

Roasted potatoes .50

Salad .75


Total -$26.80 for the week

This plan is linked to Menu Plan Monday at http://orgjunkie.com. You'll find a few hundred different meal plans representing all kinds of diets, budgets and tastes. I love going through them all each week!


shopannies said...

planned well thanks so much and looks like you did great