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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's the little things in life...

I finally broke down today and did some very overdue replacement of Pyrex stuff. Mine was so old that they hadn't even been making the lids yet...in fact, the last piece hubby broke was pre microwave- I loved it because it was so retro looking. (The whole "hubby broke it" subject could be a completely different posting LOL)

$23 for a set of new stuff, not really a big deal, but a) for some reason I always drag my feet on these kinds of purchases, and b) I've been so giddy this afternoon over my purchase of Pyrex you'd think it was diamond encrusted or something.

Oh well. Guess you have to enjoy the small stuff :)


Janelle said...

Isn't it wonderful when little things can bring such joy??? :-) I get that way, too!! Kitchen stuff can be the most exciting, sadly enough! lol