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Monday, March 16, 2009

Running out of ingredients....are you a borrower?

I was reading Kaycee at In The Moment's post about being out of eggs and syrup while in the middle of making things that required eggs and syrup---Kaycee has some great substitution ideas, and you can check them out here.

This reminded me of an exchange I had with my neighbor last week. Our neighbors right behind us are super sweet, and we have a gate in the fence that separates the two homes, so it's easy to get back and forth. Their daughter does some sitting for our boys. From time to time, K phones over if they need an egg to make cookies, or oil, or milk, etc. I almost always have what they need and am always happy to loan out.

So last week, K called to see if she could borrow 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. I was happy to oblige, and K started telling me how I never borrow anything and I need to borrow something sometime! LOL!!

1) I need to just bring her over and show her the developing stockpile. Means I am less likely to borrow. But means she's more likely to get what she needs! :) Quite frankly, I'm always pleased to be able to help a neighbor out.

2)Even if I did run out of something, I think that I tend to be more like Kaycee and improvise. It's not that I have any qualms with borrowing; I don't. I just tend to react in the moment and adjust accordingly.

How about you? Are you a borrower, or an improviser? Do you mind borrowing, and do you mind loaning? Would love to hear your thoughts!


JodieMo said...

I think it depends on what ingredient I'm missing. If I'm making cookies and I'm short an egg, then I borrow. But if a recipe calls for something like rice or beans, then I improvise. Either way, its nice to have nice neighbors.

Kristen said...

I am an improviser. However when I was a kid we would borrow from our neighbors if we ran out of something. Then we took them part of whatever we made. If someone needed to borrow from me I would gladly help them out.

Anonymous said...

I do a little of both, depending on the ingredient I am missing. In the last week I have borrowed carrots and celery, and loaned out chocolate chips and eggs. Gotta love great neighbors!

Kaycee said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm definitely an improviser.

We have great neighbors, but honestly it didn't even cross my mind to borrow an egg. I just ran straight to the computer to find a substitute.

I don't even want to stop and think about what that says about me. Maybe I should try to be more social.

Melissa said...

I will borrow out to any neighbor/friend/relative but I never want to borrow back. Like I'm "saving" up all my points to cash them all in for something BIG in life or something.. like someday I'll need like $20,000 and everyone will get together and give it to me.. hey I believe in KARMA and one day I'll cash in. But seriously, if I have it and don't need it for something RIGHT NOW, I'm more than willing to give it out. For myself, I improvise or just don't make said item.

Phoebe said...

I'm a definite improviser--but I think that that comes mostly from me being in the country. Our nearest neighbor, although not too far, is rarely home. And even if they were home, i don't think that either one (on either side of us)cooks. I've always been pretty good at finding something to substitute, and like Kaycee said--I go straight to the computer.

I keep soy flour on hand in the event that I run out of eggs for baked goods. And I always have powdered milk.

I've given out to a neighbor that lived a mile down the road, before. And I would love to give out to anyone who needed something--but I would never ask. :)

Michelle said...

LOL we're all improvisers. What does that say? I need to think of something to borrow from the neighbor LOL.