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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Menu Plan Week of 3/16

There are a couple dishes here I moved from last week, like the Sunday chicken---weather is so nice here, we decided to pull some spareribs out of the deep freeze instead. Menu works out to about $25 for 7 dinners. I'll be using my home canned spaghetti sauce, which helps on cost, and also several items I got on deep discount or with coupons. Couponing has made a huge difference in our budget. I'd been cost conscious, but adding coupons has just taken it to a new level.

3/16 Monday

spaghetti with sausage sauce $1.75

(1/2lb. sage sausage $1, pasta .50, sauce .00, cheese .25)

green beans .40


3/17 Tuesday

nachos $3.25 (cost is lower this week from what I list in the stock recipe as I've gotten cheese for nearly free)

apples .40


3/18 Wednesday

homemade baked chicken nuggets $1.50

cheesy broccoli .25

steak fries .30


3/19 Thursday

lemon shrimp with angel hair pasta $6.00

crescent rolls .50


3/20 Friday

cheeseburgers $3.00

tater tots .75


3/21 Saturday

grilled pork chops $1.75

alfredo noodles .60

corn .40


3/22 Sunday

herb roasted chicken $2.50

cheesy potatoes $1.00

salad .75