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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aldi Trip 3/22

Needed tortillas for a fresh round of breakfast wraps for the boys. Grabbed a few other things that I like to get at Aldi- like eggs, tater tots,some cheese, mushrooms, bananas, cream cheese and celery. Also picked up 2 bags of Easter grass for the boys' baskets. I'm pretty proud of myself on Easter this year--I've been picking up stuff slowly, and stashing it, so by Easter we're going to have jelly beans and chocolate eggs coming out our ears.

Total for this trip- $16.02

Made 3 grocery trips last week: $32 at Hy-Vee, $32.05 at Bakers and $3.50 at Aldi for 2 gallons of milk. So last week's total was $67.55.

This week I am going to try to spend as little as possible. We have the $16.02, and my Schwan's guy didn't show up 2 weeks ago, so I will have around $15 with him. Might need milk, but besides that, barring any amazing sales, hoping to just work with what we have. Menu is built around foods we already have, and I'm pretty well stocked on produce for the week.

If I stay on target, we'll have spent around $230 on groceries this month. And I've managed to add a LOT to our stockpile as well. Looking forward to trying to do it all over again for April!


Together We Save said...

Great Aldi trip, I wish I had one closer. Thanks for following my blog. I will be gack to posting soon.