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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Menu Plan Week of 3/9

This week's meal plan gives us a nice variety of chicken, beef, pork and seafood, and is all relatively easy, for just about $26.

One tip for using beef in wraps, skillet dishes, etc.--As a time saver, when I catch sirloin on sale, I bring it home, cut it up into small bite size pieces, and put about 3/4lb. into each freezer bag. If I know the specific purpose, I go ahead and add the marinade then, and then pop in the freezer. The night before I plan to make the dish, I pop the meat in the fridge, and when I'm ready to cook, I have the meat cut, marinated and ready to go! It's a real time saver for week night cooking.

3/9 Monday

parmesan chicken drumsticks $1.90

alfredo noodles .75 (egg noodles tossed with a few Schwann's alfredo chips)

asparagus $.75


3/10 Tuesday

grilled ham and cheese sandwiches $1.25

tomato soup .60

apple slices .40


3/11 Wednesday

tacos $2.40 (meat 1.50, cheese .40 shells .50)

corn .40


3/12 Thursday

lemon shrimp with angel hair pasta $6.00

asparagus .75


3/13 Friday

steak and blue cheese wraps $2.75

(sirloin, carmelized onions, blue cheese and romaine in tortillas)

steak fries .50


3/14 Saturday

asian pork noodles $2.50

broccoli and cauliflower .50


3/15 Sunday

herb roasted chicken $2.50

cheesy potatoes $1.00

salad .75



Janelle said...

Sounds yummy!! I'm planning one of your recipes this week - the one with the pork ribs and the orange marmalade. I guess I better finish up my own menu plan soon! :-)

Bev said...

Those all sound delicious!

Rona's Home Page said...

Great time saving tip regarding the marinade.
Lots of good eats at your house. Enjoy.