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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Menu Plan Week of 3/23

Busy week this week. Tuesday I have a work function, so it's frozen pizza night for the boys at home. I was able to get some free coupons for these- I typically don't ever buy frozen pizza, but free is good, right? Wednesday we'll probably use a restaurant gift card for dinner as it's my birthday, and as much as I actually enjoy cooking, I'm closing the kitchen LOL. The rest of the week is relatively easy, and I was able to keep the cost way down. Under $15 for 6 nights of dinners. Thank you stockpile!

3/23 Monday

chicken and spinach alfredo pasta $1.50

(using chicken from last night’s roasted chicken)

biscuits with butter garlic tops .50

peas .50


3/24 Tuesday

Pizza night for boys .00

(Palermo’s frozen pizza I had 2 free coupons for)

Mandarin Oranges .65


3/25 Wednesday

kitchen closed- Mom’s birthday-I’m not cooking ;)

3/26 Thursday

chicken alphabet soup (using chicken and stock from Sunday’s chicken) .60

grilled cheese sandwiches 1.00

green beans .40


3/27 Friday

steak, carmelized onion and blue cheese wraps $2.75

salad .50


3/28 Saturday

Taco Bake $2.25

Corn .40


3/29 Sunday

baked chicken drumsticks and thighs $1.50

polenta slices with mushrooms, Italian tomatoes and parmesan $1.50

broccoli .50