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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Check your Hy-Vee

I have searched both the print ad and the online ad for this week, and can't find it, so I'm not sure if it's a Hy-Vee wide unadvertised special or just a markdown at the store I was at, but a whole end cap in the meat dept. today for whole chickens at $.45 a pound! GREAT PRICE! I bought 3 hehehe. Thank goodness for the deep freeze, which is starting to get really full. I was able to grab a lot of meat on my Hy-Vee trip today-the chickens, half a ham, free roll of sausage, 2 packages of bacon. Good for stocking up!


Janelle said...

I was soooooooo upset this morning! I was at Hen House and in the markdown area, they had this HUGE smokehouse ham, over 20 lbs. It was marked down to $25!! I wanted to buy it, but I am not allowed to lift over 10 lbs! I could have gotten someone to help me get it to the car, but had noboby at home to UNload it. Is that a bummer, or what????