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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meal Plan Week of March 30th

Another easy week, using meals and precooked meats from the freezer---saves a lot of time during the week. I did move a couple of meals around last week, so I moved the Taco Bake to this week. My cost for dinners this week comes out to around $25.

3/30 Monday

Breakfast for dinner

Ham egg and cheese pancake sandwiches $1.50

Pinapple slices .65

Tater tots .75


3/31 Tuesday

ribs (from the freezer)5.00

corn .40

salad 1.00


4/1 Wednesday

spaghetti and meatballs (whole grain pasta .50, meatballs $1.50, sauce .00) $2.00

green beans .45


4/2 Thursday

bbq pork quesadillas $1.75

salad $1.00

beans $1.00


4/3 Friday

baked potato bar assorted toppings $3.00

chili, cheese, cheesy broccoli, ham, sour cream, salsa

salad $1.00


4/4 Saturday

brown sugar chicken $2.00

brown rice .50

broccoli .50


4/5 Sunday

Taco Bake $2.25

Corn .40



Janelle said...

Sounds great!! I seriously need to work baked potato bars into our menu plan one of these days. It would be a great use of leftovers and I think it would be fun! I just wonder if the kids would like it......

Kaycee said...

$25 for the week is awesome. We're doing a taco bake too.