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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bakers Bargain Meal of the Week 3/4

I'm Protestant, not Catholic, so I've never observed the Lenten Friday tradition---although I do love a good BYOB Fish Fry as much as anyone! :) I do, however, love Lent for the fish specials. It's a good time to stock up on seafood for the freezer and pantry. Whether you eat this on Friday or Tuesday, it's an easy, affordable meal I hope you enjoy!

Salmon Patties
Broccoli with 3-Cheese Sauce

Your shopping list:
1 can of Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon- $2.49
1 bag Green Giant Big Sauce Broccoli 3-cheese- $2.00
1lb. grapes $.88

Total for meal is: $5.37


Kaycee said...

Yum. Salmon patties, good call. I think I'll make these for my upcoming anniversary, we're landlocked so fresh salmon isn't an option. Way too pricey.

LittlePeopleWealth said...

That sounds delicious! I gave you the Kreativ Blogger award at my blog www.littlepeoplewealth.com, feel free to pass it along :-)