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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking really nice for budget this week

I think if all goes the way it looks we're going to come in under budget by quite a bit! I took my Walgreens trip Sunday and spent $5.57. (And I'm getting $6.57 back in rebate on my gift card)

Yesterday I hit Bakers for 2 boxes of oatmeal, grapes, lemons, red wine vinegar and tarragon vinegar, along with a Mitchum deodorant, and spent $7.58, thanks to my Pillsbury catalina and other coupons.

Today one more quick stop at Walgreens for a couple more Coffee Mate creamers, more gum, another Glade Sense and Spray (I put one in my office at work and love it--think I'm going to put the other in the ladies room), and some jelly beans--I don't feel good so I buckled for sugar. (It was Mike and Ike's Jelly Beans for goodness sake---willpower evaporated). Total OOP was $1.56.

I have 2 things I'll be ordering from Schwann's, for about $15. Sale ads hit tomorrow, but besides a few items I have preliminarily set my sights on for the Baker's Mega Sale and some milk, I really don't see any big trips.

I have been very happy at how our spending has been so far this year. We have seriously impacted our grocery spending year over year, without trading quality of what we eat. Quite frankly, I think it's far improved, as we've cut down on the convenience foods, which means we're not eating anything processed. Looking forward to seeing March as a whole---think this is going to be my best month yet!