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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meal Plan Week of 2/2

We stuck to last week's meal plan very well! This week, I didn't get a lot of prep work done, but I did get my sirloin sliced for quesadillas, into the marinade, and in the freezer. I also saved all the veggies that were on their last legs in the fridge and made a big pot of veggie broth that I froze into ice cubes....great for flavoring veggies and using like you might use chicken broth. This week's dinners clocks in just under $30.

2/2 Monday
spaghetti and meatballs (w/ homemade sauce .00, meatballs 1.80, pasta .50, and parmesan .50 $2.80
salad .75
bread and butter .30

2/3 Tuesday
steak and black bean quesadillas (diced sirloin marinated in chipotle lime sauce 1.50, black beans .25, cheddar cheese .75, tortillas .75) $3.25
guacamole $1.00 (2 avocados, 1T lime juice, 1/2t garlic salt, shake of cumin, 1T sour cream, several dashes hot sauce)
oranges .50

2/4 Wednesday
sloppy joes $2.35 (beef 1.25, onion .10, buns .50, sauce .50)
oven baked ranch potato wedges .50
coleslaw 1.00

2/5 Thursday
macaroni and cheese bake $2.00
salad .75
green beans .40

2/6 Thursday
smoked sausages in brat buns $1.75 (sausages on sale and coupons- 1.25, buns, .50)
leftover coleslaw .00
fries 1.00

2/7 Friday
chicken skillet nachos (shredded chicken .40, refried beans, .60, cheese .75, chips .50) $2.25
pineapple .90

2/8 Saturday
chicken cacciatore 1.50
mashed potatoes .50
salad .50

2/9 Sunday
vegetable beef soup $2.50
sweet potato bread with pineapple butter $1.50

Stop by and say hello to all the lovely ladies who share their weekly meal plans for Menu Plan Monday at http://orgjunkie.com


Janelle said...

Sweet potato bread with pineapple butter?? Wow, that sounds good, and soooo different!!! And I got excited about peanut butter muffins.....lol!