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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Baker's Trip

I have to admit that up until just the past couple of months I was not a Baker's shopper. I had shopped there in the past, but wasn't fond of the fact that I needed a card to get the sale prices. That just bugged me for some reason. But since I've started couponing, and loading additional coupons on my Baker's Card, I've really enjoyed my experiences there. And I've really discovered the joy of the Manager's Special...I have certainly grabbed some great deals on meat, dairy and produce that way. Today's trip was pretty good!

My highlights:

3 Hallmark cards
2 1lb. ribeye steaks (BOGO)
2 1lb. packages of ground pork (manager's special @ .99 each)
Colgate TP, Speed Stick, lettuce, eggs, 2 sour creams, 2 boxes of fiber pls bars, a box of Cheerios, 2 4-packs of yoplus yogurt (.50 each after coupon), a value pack box of fruit rollups and some rolls of grands biscuits.

My total for all of it was $35.05, with 36.09 (51%) in mf and store coupons...that doesn't even figure in several sale prices. Not too shabby.

My bathroom cabinet is going to fill up with toothpaste fast if I keep finding these free-.25 bargains. Will probably end up making a run to the Open Door Mission to donate some of this soon.