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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Circle of Life....

We had to have "the talk" with the 6yo this morning. You know, the one you have to have when your first pet fish goes to the big fish tank in Heaven. I was actually a little surprised at his reaction. This kid handled Charlotte's Web like a champ ( I was bawling while reading it to him, he thought that was funny), takes all the hunting stories in the Little House books without batting an eyelash, but the news that one of the fish died in our upstairs tank rattled him.

We've just recently set up our 40 gallon tank downstairs, and our 10 gallon tank upstairs. He loves them as much as I do. So, the news that one was gone was a little hard to take.

We did at least get a laugh out of him when he inquired as to the deceased fish's whereabouts and we told him we flushed him. (We spared him the flushing "ceremony". Maybe next time.)

Considering we have a 13 year old cat and a 9 year old cat in addition to our 2 year old dog, maybe it's good that he's learning this with the fish now.