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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Menu Plan Week of 2/9

Here's the plan for the week. Yes, I had the smoked sausages on last week's menu---I also somehow had 8 days of meals planned. Two Thursdays. Wouldn't that be torture? Anyway...the price breakdowns are below based on what I've paid for things. Your costs might vary depending on your area, whether you coupon, etc. The entire week of dinners comes in just under $28.00.

2/9 Monday
smoked sausages in brat buns $1.75 (sausages on sale 1.25, buns, .50)
coleslaw 1.00
tater tots .75

2/10 Tuesday
chicken Florentine casserole (chicken $2.50, spinach, .35, mozzarella .75, parmesan .25, milk, .25, flour, onion .10, butter .20)
noodles .50
glazed carrots .60

2/11 Wednesday
mini meatloaf $2.25
green beans .40
cheesy mashed potatoes 1.00

2/12 Thursday

Fry Bread Tacos $3.00
corn .40$3.40

2/13 Friday
Sesame Noodles w/ Chicken $3.25
Mandarin oranges .65

2/14 Saturday Valentine’s Day
Heart Shape Pizzas
Chocolate chip cookies

2/15 Sunday
slowcooker beer bbq chicken $2.00
garlic smashed potatoes
green beans .40

Head over to http://orgjunkie.com. There you will find about 500 other meal plans on Mondays, and you can add your own! It's a great way to keep yourself organized, and on budget, for the week!