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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Washing and Storing Grapes

We LOVE grapes at our house. But I find that I'm more likely to eat them if they're all previously removed from the stems, and already washed and ready to go. I also don't think just rinsing is sufficient. You see the cloudy film on the outside of the grapes, and even a soak doesn't remove it.

So now, when I buy my grapes, I take the few extra minutes before I put them away to get them all ready! I remove the grapes from the stems and place in a big colander in the sink.

After a good rinsing, I place 1 small drop of liquid dishsoap in one hand. I then rub my hands together to coat them, and then run my hands through the grapes to lightly wash them. If you've placed just a drop of soap on your hands, you won't even see any foam at this point. Just enough to break through that film on the grapes. Once I've done this, I rinse VERY WELL. Then I let drain for 5 minutes in the colander, and then place in a container for the fridge.

Now, when we want grapes, we can just grab what we want--they're clean, and they taste GREAT! Works for me! Check out other great suggestions and tips at http://rocksinmydryer.net


Sarah said...

I'm always concerned about the film as well. Do they keep well once off the stem? For some reason I thought they kept longer when still on the stems...but I have no idea where I got this idea :)

Michelle said...

I find they actually keep longer off the stem and in the container--probably has more to do with the container---but the flip side is also that we eat them much faster this way! They never last long enough for me to be concerned.

STL Mommy said...

I just wanted to stop by for a visit, I love your blog by the way, and say I'm sorry about Dierbergs!

Thanks for visiting!

Mary H. said...

Such a simple, but genious idea!!