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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Projects

Today has been about cleaning, purging paper and other clutter, and organization. I also spent some time going through my coupons, getting those all cleaned back up, and putting my meal plan together for the next week. Hubby has been doing some work on the kitchen sink so not a good day to be in the kitchen (or anywhere near a frustrated hubby!)

Tomorrow I will be doing my freezer stock ups for breakfast items. 2 things for sure:

-Pancakes: I will make regular pancakes, and I will also make some peanut butter pancake rollups
-this recipe from Kate @ Cooking During Stolen Moments. I order something similar to this from Schwann's....excited to try them!


n*stitches said...

I freeze pancakes too. My kids love them on Saturday mornings, so I make extras.