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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best Hubby in the Whole World!!!

So, I got back from my shopping run today, entered my blog about it, and just after I hit the send button, someone started knocking on the sliding glass door off the deck. ??? I went over, and it was the neighbor girl who babysits for us---she had slid in through the back gate. Thinking her mom had sent her over for an egg or something, I opened the door, and she walked in, took off her shoes, and walked right over to the boys. R exclaimed "I didn't know you were coming!", and I was like "I didn't either!". That's when hubby walked in with his cute boyish troublemaker smile and informed me we were off to get a couple's massage! How cool is that?!?! We got 60 minute massages, and then took our relaxed selves to Nebraska Brewing Company for a light lunch and a beer. What a neat way to spend our Valentine's Day...and a total surprise!

Hope your day is wonderful as well!


JodieMo said...

how sweet!
I got a card.

Dutch said...

How wonderful. You have a great husband. I am happy you enjoyed your day together.

Latte said...

awww what a neat-o surprise.


Lindsay said...

What a sweet husband!!!! :)