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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A new challenge at our house....

Not even sure where to start. Our 6 year, R, is in first grade. He started a little on the young side, but the alternative was holding him back, and we thought that would be worse for his academics. He's a bright boy, very easily bored, and needs to be challenged. Our pre-school teachers were telling us he was already bored. So he entered Kindergarten in mid-August, about 3 weeks before his 5th birthday (cut-off here is mid-October).

He has struggled throughout school, not with academic accomplishments, but with focus, concentration, and self control. We have brought up the ADHD issue several times with school and with our ped, but have been told to wait and observe, as boys tend to be more immature, and have more trouble controlling himself. With discipline at home and conversations with his teacher, we thought there was improvement.

Today was, I think, a big sign that this is not typical 1st grade behavior. He acted out so badly in school today that the teacher, when he called, actually sounded angry. I can understand. It's not just counter-productive to our son's learning, but to the entire classroom. What's frustrating is that he's apparently been showing a decline in his improvements, and the teacher didn't call us before today.

I get the distinct idea that the school will never suggest ADHD. Hubby thinks it's because it qualifies our son for special education services. Regardless, after having to pick our son up early from school today we have a call into our ped for referral to have him evaluated.

I'm also concerned, as I read, that perhaps we have some dietary issues. Our children, if you read this blog, can probably assume eat very well. In comparison to our neighbor's children, they eat very little processed food. We do, however, allow small amount of candy, and some processed treats, like granola bars and the occasional box of sugary cereal.

What's disturbing is that R's outburst today chimes in with the exact day that dad opened a box of Cocoa Puffs for a special breakfast (they NEVER get that), along with yogurt drinks and scrambled eggs.

I keep reading about reactions to foods that can cause red ears and flushed cheeks. Both of our sons get this ALL the time. They are also both VERY fair redheads. I got the same thing as a kid. Our doctors tell us it's a normal reaction that most people get, you just get to see it more easily through the porcelain skin.

So, we have some work to do. Definitely going to be doing a lot of reading and research and talking to the doctors. I have always taken a very middle of the road approach on the medication subject--- not quick to medicate, but in some cases it is necessary and useful. Need to really see how we can impact this in other ways first.

Would sure love to hear from you if have similar experiences, and how your family dealt with them. Please leave a comment!


JodieMo said...

There is a mother in my Multiples Club with triplets who had some behavior problems that was not unlike your sons'. After trying many things and talking to many doctors, they decided to try out a gluten-free/casein-free diet and it has made all of the difference. She has said on many occasions that the difference in behavior is drastic and her kids are much calmer and more focused. So, maybe you should ask your pediatrician about the possibility that he could be having a reaction to the gluten in foods. Just a suggestion. I wish you luck!