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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boy do I ever need this site!!!!

A huge thanks to the BzzAgent Frogpond for the link to this site! Here's the deal: I try to be domestic. I like to cook, I like to garden. Over the last year I've taken up scrapbooking. I blog here about shopping and couponing and ways to be frugal. The reality remains, though, that I am the full time career person in my family, and my husband has pretty much become the predominant expert on cleaning things---getting stains out in the laundry, carpet cleaning, best cleaners for the bath room, etc. You go beyond the basics, though, and we're both stumped. This site, I suspect, is going to be a new favorite for me!

howtocleanstuff.net Pretty much anything you need to clean. They tell you how to do it. Every room of the house, from clothing to flooring to even how to clean your Wii Fit Balance Board. Oooh---and my mom's favorite phrase when I was younger even has real advice in the strategies section---how to polish a turd. LMAO. (Although, YUCK)

Why can't I ever be the one that comes up with these things? ;)