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Monday, February 22, 2010

Time to start planning for the garden!

Hard to believe since my garden is still pretty snow covered that I need to start working on plants so that my garden will be like this again...

I start getting my seeds and supplies together this week, and I'll be designing a garden layout plan. Hubby is going to extend the bunny fencing to the front this summer as well, and try that instead of the water scarecrows, as they are just hellbent on getting to my green beans. This year I hope to end up with more than just a handful!

This year presents a bit of a challenge...I need to rotate where I had tomatoes last year, and because of the garden's shape, any of my options for where to relocate will have less space. Less space means less tomatoes. Bad because I won't have as many for salads, salsas and sauces, good because it will free up some space to try some new things. I will be doing lettuce and spinach this year, expanding my herbs, and perhaps trying some carrots. I will also be expanding my peppers, because hubby wants to try his hand at smoking jalapenos to make chipotle peppers.

I will post as I progress over the next week...what are you planting this year?


TJ said...

Have you thought about using some of the hanging planters for tomatoes? Also there are a few varieties that do well potted, and some that grow up a stalk rather than wide.

My garden was terrible last year. I had an episode of bleeding at about 14 weeks that followed a heavy day in the garden, so I swore off any real work after that. We had 0 tomatoes from the 10 plants. Although some of that was our odd spring. Many of my friends experienced similar struggles. I did learn that jalapenos and sweet peppers love to be potted and near my house.