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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Being the mom of boys can be so surreal sometimes!

Our dog Rory and I are the only females in the household. I love being the mom of boys, but sometimes, you can definitely tell there's a distinct difference between the sexes. The constant burp and toot jokes. The shock at the fact that I sit to go potty (and the explanations to both of my toddlers that no, I didn't have a pee pee like they did).

But today was one of those days that even rose above that. Before heading into the bathroom to shower and dress this morning, I laid some things on the bed to sort for laundry. When I came out, my 4 year old was holding my bra, much like a slingshot, while my 7 year old attempted to tear it away. The conversation went like this:

4yo: "I'm going to DESTROY Bra Man!"
7yo: "No, you can't! He's good!"

Yes. My boys had just turned my lingerie into a super hero, and my 4 year old had become his arch nemesis. What to do?

Tell them both they better put Bra Man down before his partner shows up. Captain Doubledee.

I love being the mom of boys. :)