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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Plan Week of 2/8

I put this disclosure on this plan at the very beginning---we've barely eaten any of our Super Bowl snackies and still have a ton of food yet to come, so I'm thinking we're going to have a fair amount of leftovers to dispose of. That could displace some of this plan. That could change, though, depending on what kind of damage my hubby, the "Munchie Monster", decides to do late tonight :)

At this point though, here's what the week looks like. A reminder that I feed 2 adults and 2 boys, and that we will eat all 7 dinners here. This week's menu comes in just under $35.

Monday 2/8
Tacos $3.00
corn .50
fresh pineapple $1.00

Tuesday 2/9
shrimp fried rice $4.00
potstickers $1.50

Wednesday 2/10
pork chop and stuffing bake $3.50
green beans .45

Thursday 2/11
chicken alphabet soup $1.50
grilled cheese $1.50
spinach salad $1.00

Friday 2/12
baked mac and cheese w/ potato chip topping $2.50
honey cinnamon baby carrots .50
salad $1.00

Saturday 2/13
Italian Beef on homemade buns $4.50
(well, hopefully homemade buns---first ever attempt- keep your fingers crossed
potato skins $1.50
corn .50

Sunday 2/14
Heart shaped pizza night $6.00
some yummy something for dessert. not sure yet.


ahorne said...

Fantastic how you have all your meals priced out! I've not ever done that, but I have thought & wondered.... maybe that'll be my next project. :)