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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Using my stockpile for charity

As we approach the holidays, I'm thinking about purchases for my stockpile, but also for charity. I have accrued much more through the year than we'll ever need, thankfully, so we make sure it goes to those that have a need. Right now I have about 30 deodorants, 20 toothpastes, along with shelves and shelves of food, so I am boxing up the extra for our area food bank. As I shop, I'm also putting an eye to things that might not be a need for us, but could definitely be used by others. It is very important to me that we give back to our community and help any neighbors that might be experiencing tough times.

Please think of those opportunities as you save and coupon. I will be sharing what I've acquired, and look forward to seeing your stashes as well!


Liz said...

I think that's a great idea. I like to use my coupons to buy necessity items on the cheap and donate them to the local domestic abuse shelter. It's a great cause and makes a person feel as though they make a little bit of a difference to someone.

Tosha said...

I love seeing what everyone else is donating! I've been stocking up for the canned food drive at my daughters school.Poor kid, her back is going to be killing her with all the canned fruit I got:)