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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nice Walgreens trip today

I actually had taken a bit of a Walgreens break. There wasn't anything I really needed and the prices weren't that great. Back today though with the $5 off $25 coupon, along with capitalizing on some other great deals. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Coffeemate Creamer- $2.49 BOGO and I had $1/1 and $1.50/2 coupons, so I got 6 for $2.49.
  • Vanity Fair Paper Plates- $3.79 BOGO. I also had the BOGO coupon from All You, so got them both for free!
  • got a bunch of really cute tins for 2/$1 to put gifts in
My final tally was $51.35 worth of stuff for $25, and I got $8RR. Not too shabby.