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Sunday, November 1, 2009

My goal for the rest of this year

Between work, family, the summer garden, and my Mom's cancer, I have really gotten away from blogging, which has made me very sad. I love my blog. It's like my online diary. A place to stay organized, share my thoughts, and also to share information with others. Most importantly, the time I put into my blog is ME time. The lack of time on my blog also signifies real lack of me time, and that needs to change.

On that note, I will be much more active here. Sharing, exchanging thoughts and ideas here with you, talking about our love of food and family. Our love of organization, budgeting, couponing. And juggling it all.

Happy November!


CheapbyChoice said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you can find (make) time to keep it going. It is unfortunate in busy times that we give up time for ourselves. You deserve your "me" time. Make sure to take it.

Michelle said...

thank you so much for the kind words! Hope you have a wonderful week :)